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Die dulci freure translation

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De minimis [All languages - New Window] Comments: De novo [All languages - New Window] Comments: De profundis [All languages - New Window] Comments: De rerum Sexy asian titts [All languages - New Window] Comments: Decrevi [All languages - New Window] Comments: Dente lupus, cornu taurus petit [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deo adiuvante [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deo favete [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deo gratias [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deo optimo maximo Die dulci freure translation languages - New Window] Comments: Deo Die dulci freure translation [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deo volente [All languages - New Window] Comments: Desunt cetera [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deus absconditus [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deus commodo muto consisto quem meus sententia existo [All languages - New Window] Comments: Deus et natua non faciunt frusta [All languages - New Window] Comments: There is a great deal of what I call web-Latin out.

DIE DULCI FREURE translation -

Let me give you two examples: Die Dulci Freure. The imperative of fruor should of course be fruerenot freure.

I believe that this one began as a joke. The phrase is the official motto of the "micronation" of Lovely, whose territory lies entirely within a single flat in London.

I am not making this up-- see the Wikpedia entry on Lovely. Whoever coined the motto seems to have known how to construct the imperative of the deponent not something usually taught in Die dulci freure translation classes and that the verb took an ablative object ditto.

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I strongly suspect that the "error" in the Die dulci freure translation was quite deliberate, possibly influenced by the German ic "freuen". Even if the error were genuine to begin with, the government of Lovely which I understand meets extra-territorially, in a nearby pub is certainly now aware that the Latin is wrong, but maintains franslation jocosely.

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It is interesting to observe how widely this error has spread. In fact I think that the situation raises an interesting question: Tibi ipsi dic vere.

This is supposed to mean "Be true to yourself". The issue has been raised at least twice on this forum.

No one has come up with any authoritative use of the phrase in this sense. The literal meaning is "Speak truly to yourself". IynxDec 1, Urbs Panamae.

Illegitimi Non Carborundum supposedly means Don't let the bastards grind you down I wonder how many people have this bit Die dulci freure translation their arms. AndyDec 3, AkelaDec 4, Carborundum is not a Latin word but the brand name of a commercial abrasive originating in the 19th century silicon carbide.

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The ending -undum suggests a Latin gerund form, but the word is actually a portmanteau of "carbon" tranelation Latinand Phoenix caravans for sale from Tamil kurundam. Sad part is: Tattoo removal is painful, costly and painful. Did I say painful already?

AndyDec 4, TobeyDec 5, Akela Die dulci freure translation, Dec 5, Land of sunshine.

Die dulci freure translation I Am Look For Sex Date

And to go a bit further; how long until "carborundum" becomes an accepted word, synonymous with 'grind down', or listed as an actual latin word.? If enough people use 'carborundum' it will become an actual latin word regardless of its 'right' or 'wrong' origins. I can't think of any this second but I know there are plenty Die dulci freure translation english words of dubious origin that are in circulation.

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